Small Biz Saturday: Gift Local


As the holidays quickly approach, so does the inevitable crunch to find gifts for friends and fam. While some of us have the balls to take on the droves of Winter Warriors on Black Friday - not to mention the Web Wizes on Cyber Monday - many of us just don’t have what it takes. Fear not! There are plenty of places to grab the perfect presents without losing a limb or your marbles.

Sandwiched right between the more popular sale days lies Small Business Saturday, an opportunity to support local DMV entrepreneurs during the holiday hype. And here at Coven, we’re highlighting our fave Queer/Womxn/POC-owned shops that deserve all the love this season. Check out our fave spots to hit up for gifts - and feel good about it.


Cherry Blossom Workshop

2128 8th St NW in Shaw

An arm of boutique design studio Cherry Blossom Creative, the Workshop is most well-known for their colorful hand illustrated maps of DC neighborhoods. “The move towards hyperlocalism is so important,” says Creative Director Tori Partridge. “It’s not just about loving your city, it’s about loving the city within the city. It’s about knowing your neighbors, supporting the businesses just outside your doorstep, and creating community where you live. Neighborhood pride helps to bring us all together.”



Coven Pick: check out this Petworth map and just try not to buy it.


Annie Howe Papercuts

Sold online

Founded in 2010 by Annie Howe herself, this Baltimore-based creative hand crafts masterpieces from simple drawing paper. Whether it’s the story of a special occasion or that of your business, Annie takes extreme care in bringing forth the story from small shapes and delicate details, transforming them into a one-of-a-kind papercut.


Coven Pick: Look how cozy these animals are in Annie’s Cozy Animals Cyanotype!



Sold at Yes! Organic, Glen’s Garden Market, and other locations

Tired of sugary juices? You’ve gotta try a Gouter tonic, the D.C.-based solution to tasty hydration. “I’ve always followed my own path, breaking rules as I go, and that’s exactly how Goûter came to be: taking health into my own hands and using that determination to create healthy, nutrient-dense and tasty beverages that are the cleanest fuel for your body,” says Violaine Orban, owner of Gouter. “My mission for Goûter is to inspire you to get active, stay hydrated and rethink what fuels you.”



Coven Pick: We’re drooling over the BALANCE Tonic.



1810 14th Street NW

With over a decade of residency in D.C., Redeem features up-and-coming designers in support of its mission to support unsung brands and offer products that are interesting, unique and fun. They carry both women’s and men’s brands, including Drifter, GHSTS, Matiere, and Soulland.


Coven Pick: Peep this District bag from Apolis. Gimme dat.


Steadfast Supply

300 Tingey Street SE #140 at the Yards

Located in the D.C.’s industrial hub the Yards, Steadfast Supply provides a platform for independent brands and designers from around the country to share their goods and their stories with the denizens of The Yards and beyond. The group prides itself in celebrating creative entrepreneurship and the success of small businesses.


Coven Pick: Head down to the Yards November 29 - Dec 3 for Outfitted: An Immersive Shopping Experience.



The Lemon Collective

3015 Georgia Ave NW in Park View

Formerly The Lemon Bowl DC, the Lemon Collective is a shared working space in the Park View area. Founders Linny Giffin, Kathryn Zaremba and Holley Simmons combine their backgrounds in illustration, style and design to provide a space that  fosters and celebrates creativity through a robust calendar of DIY workshops, including monotype printing, terrarium building, and vision boarding.


Coven Pick: want to add a personal touch to your holiday mail? Check out this DIY Class on Hand Lettering Your Holiday Envelopes on November 28.


Femme Fatale

100 Florida Ave NE in NoMa

FFDC is a group of kick-ass womyn creatives lifting each other up in their ventures to conquer the world in all their femme glory. WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Reclaiming the once-derogatory term for post-WWII womyn challenging their traditional roles in U.S. society, Femme Fatale “builds meaningful friendships & business relationships, and appreciate one another's gifts.”


Coven Pick: turn your old T-shirts into bougie bags at FFDC’s BRUNCH & BAGS event on November 25.



Future of Sports

700 H Street NE in the Atlas District

A very instagram-worthy pop-up art installation launched in October, the Future of Sports is a  two-story interactive exhibition that celebrates art and sports, featuring different interactive rooms featuring different sports. The installation’s creator Nicole Pinedo is also the founder of Made in the District, an online-based publication and production company pushing creative boundaries of various disciplines, including film, commercials, digital media, music videos, experiential and interactive content, photography, event production, and more.



Coven Pick: Hiit up (hah) the HIIT Party on December 1 presented by TrainWith!



Well there you have it! No excuses now for lame gifts for friends and fam. You're welcome. 

Stay witchy babes.

by Kristen Voorhees, Coven PR


Kate Ross